Identify your movement limitations to get you pain free and back to your best

Phase 1

Anyone with pain, injury or looking for individual coaching. 

A 75-90 minute integrated movement based assessment to identify areas of the body that aren't moving as expected or to help identify mechanism of pain / injury.


Phase 2

Following completing your Assessment, this next phase is designed to solidify the changes you've made and strengthen your positions to help avoid reverting back to the painful pattern. ​


Sport Specific

For anyone looking to improve their strength and mobility specific to their sport or activity. 


A 2 hour assessment with the aim of analyzing your current movement and strength capacity relative to the needs of your sport.


What you get when you sign up to any of the Assessment Options


  • A thorough biomechanical assessment in all planes of motion. The goal is to assess and find the positions that are limiting your performance or causing pain and targeting these areas with movement specific fixes.

  • A training plan to follow for 4-6 weeks with 2-3 planned sessions per week to do alongside your regular training. Phase 1 will be about reducing pain and restoring movement. Phase 2 is about solidifying the changes and strengthening your positions. 

  • The Sport Specific plan will come with 6 week training block of 3-4 planned sessions to do as your main training alongside your sport.

  • Reduced prices on 3 x Sports Massage and/or NMT sessions. The Sport Specific Plan comes with 1 x Free session + 2 x Reduced Price Sessions.