How to lose/gain weight and get stronger in 6 weeks without training more.

So I may have lied, there's no magic pill and this isn’t really a 6 week plan as there is no actual end to it. But within 6 weeks I would expect you to see results.

So now that’s out of the way, let’s get to it. People train for a few reasons; health, fitness, look good naked, performance.. The list could go on but it’s not important. What is important is the following plan. The plan outline below will help anyone regardless of their goals (note I am not saying if you do only this you will reach your goals, this needs to go alongside sensible training, but this will dramatically increase results). If, and only if, you have everything below already in place and you’re still not getting results, then you need to start focusing on other areas.

Here is the training plan. 7 days per week for as long as possible. If you fall off the bandwagon, just jump back on.

  1. Sleep 8 hours per night in complete darkness, going to bed and waking at the same (or very similar) times every day. Not just weekdays, every day.

  2. Drink Water, 30ml per kg of bodyweight as a starting point adding additional water for training. Coffee etc doesn’t count towards this intake.

  3. Chew your food, aim for 20 chews per bite. Be relaxed when you eat and take your time. Don’t watch TV, sit on your phone or eat on the run. Chill out, enjoy your food, chew it.

  4. Move blood. If you’re training, try to get additional movement in that is low intensity and just gets the blood flowing. If you’re not training, target 45-60 minutes activity (like a brisk walk or cycle).

  5. Dry Skin Brushing to help move lymph. The lymphatic system is basically your sewage system, removing toxins and waste products from the body. If this is blocked up or not functioning then a lot of problems will arise!

That’s it. Honestly. Nail these and great things will happen. If you need help with these or would like to know more get in touch to organize your free consultation.

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