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Individualized Programming & Remote Coaching
No templates, no shortcuts. Training designed for you to reach your potential. 

Level 1

  • 3-5 Planned Sessions per week

  • General Physical Preparedness is the main focus of training

  • Nutrition advice

  • Health, fitness and Longevity take priority

€147 / month

Level 2

  • 4-6 Planned Sessions per week

  • General Physical Preparedness and/or Recreational Competition is the focus

  • Nutrition advice

  • Weekly monitoring or training

€237 / month

Level 3

  • 1-3 Planned Sessions per day

  • Full training and nutrition plan for the Elite Athlete.

  • Daily monitoring and a higher frequency of feedback and adjustments.

€327 / month

What you get when you sign up to any of the Individualized Programs


  • Initial Consultation to get a clear understanding of your goals and priorities. This in person or online assessment is a 90 minute assessment looking at all aspects that affect your training. This will include movement and nutrition.​

  • Work Capacity assessment. This is important to understand your current threshold for training and figuring out the best place to start for long term development.

  • Your training plan is then created based on the above result combined with your goals. There are no templates and no group plans. These programs are created from scratch using tried and tested principles learned from OPEX CCP and 8 years of experience.

  • Guidance on breath work, sleep and stress management to help you improve in all aspects of your health.

  • Training Plan delivered through TrueCoach which allows you to track your training and progress. You can provide feedback on your training to your coach and upload videos for analysis and feedback.

  • Monthly / Weekly Consult with your Coach to discuss all things training, pain, movement, lifestyle, nutrition, sleep and stress. These are important in making sure your training stays aligned with your goals and optimal progress is achieved. 

  • Accountability, support and a 1:1 relationship with your Coach.